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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GMO Labeling

The term GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) was instilled in my mind after i watched the film 'The Future of Food' on how the agricultural biotech company Monsanto conceived seeds of manipulated genes, patented, and spread them throughout the world via their lobbying power. This movie was like a horror science fiction to me, the difference was all the material were real! :-(

I think GMO food labeling is long overdue not only in California but the whole country so when i learned about the campaign to gather signatures for GMO labeling initiative in the upcoming november ballot, organized by LabelGMOs.org and CaRighttoKnow.org , i volunteered to be a signature gatherer.

After ten weeks, from February to April, almost 1 million signatures (971,126) were collected from California registered voters and this morning i went to a state-wide event in Norwalk to celebrate the turning-in of signatures to the gorvenment official.

GMO Labeling in California

Boxes of signed petitions waiting to be delivered to government official


GMO Labeling in California

GMO Labeling in California

GMO Labeling in California

GMO Labeling in California

GMO Labeling in California
Zuri Allen

GMO Labeling in California
Stacey Hall

GMO Labeling in California

GMO Labeling in California
Sasha Earnheart Gold

Government official to receive the boxes of signed petitions

GMO Labeling in California

GMO Labeling in California

GMO Labeling in California

It is sad that the GMO labeling had to be initiated by the people and not by govermenent agency like USDA, FDA, EPA which were created to protect the public from food that could do harm to the body and environment.

I can't wait for the day when i walk into the supermarket and see two signs for corn, one is just 'Corn' and the other 'GMO Corn' so each one of us could have the right to choose which corn (and many other food) we want to feed ourselves with.

However, if the initiative was made into law it will exempt some food that i think should be labeled such as animal meat fed with GMO seeds.

Coming back from the event i stumbled on this news and the phrase "God Bless America" suddendly came into my mind.

In 2007 President Obama, during his presidential campaign, promised to have GMO labeled. Click here to read his quote. I sent an email to him through the White House website regarding this promise and i am waiting to hear a reply.

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